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About Us

Expertise Training Center

ETC was established in February 2005 by Mr. Naji Sfeir, author, engineer, and experienced professor. Mr. Sfeir used to teach computer graphics at ALBA, AUB, LAU, and NDU Universities. In 1987, he graduated from The Ohio State University as an industrial and systems engineer. He is currently an Autodesk, an Adobe, and a V-Ray certified instructor.


ETC is an authorized training center for Autodesk and Rhino. Learn and become internationally certified.

ETC offers specialized courses in the following fields:

  • Building Design - Architecture
  • Building Design - MEP
  • Building Design - Structure
  • Project Management
  • Civil Design
  • 5D BIM Construction
  • Architectural & Mechanical Drafting
  • 3D Architectural Visualization
  • 3D Interactive Walkthroughs
  • Organic Design
  • Green Building Design - LEED
  • Video Editing & Animation
  • 3D Character Animation
  • Web Design
  • Web development
  • Coding/Programming
  • Layout Design
  • Industrial Design
  • MBA Essentials


ETC focuses on engineering and presentation software mainly from Autodesk, CSI, Adobe, Rhino, V-Ray, and Primavera. We also focus on developing our student programming skills using Python, Java, Javascript, C Sharp, HTML, and CSS. This strategy makes ETC the leader in offering training services to large corporations and to young university students. Some of our clients are BL Harbert, MAN Enterprise, Dar Al Handassa, Khatib and Alami, ITB, Al Mabani, NESMA, ETEC, ACE, V3, SABIS, Kamal Sioufi, ACC, etc.

In 2014, we helped ETEC BIM manage the development of the Bahrain Airport extension.
In 2015, we helped MAN Enterprise BIM manage the development of the ABC mall Verdun Street.
In 2017, we modeled using all disciplines the Medical building for the USJ University.
In 2018, we developed for BL Harbert the architectural model for the US Embassy in Lebanon.
In 2020, we BIM managed the development of King Faisal Academy for ACE.

Our Reference page contains a list of our clients. To view sample images from our projects, please visit https://www.bim-international.com.


Our teachers are certified by Autodesk, Adobe, Rhino, V-Ray, Oracle, and other institutions.


Our online classes are live and interactive, very similar to face-to-face environments. We also conduct face-to-face courses in our training center in Beirut, Lebanon, and at our client premises in Lebanon and abroad.
Step by step, you will master the techniques of each course. We will walk you painlessly through every phase of the use of each application up to expert levels.


We have the expertise to develop and research new courses which make us unique. We have developed books with international standards.


Our flexible schedule includes evening, morning, and weekend classes. In addition, our courses are offered live interactive online, face to face at the clients' premises or our training center in Beirut, Lebanon.

Online Platform

We use Zoom.


You do not have to pre-register to attend a course. You may try us for one session before registering.


Our mission is to deliver extensive courses on state-of-the-art software applications to allow our students to advance their careers, increase their income, and improve their life. Therefore, we provide employers with highly trained and motivated individuals.

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